Woman Caught With Drugs In Purse, Claims The Wind Did It

A woman was arrested after police found drugs in her purse, and she gave one of the most creative excuses we’ve ever heard – and blamed the wind.

By DAVID on September 10, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

I thought I’d already heard it all, but nope. Not this one – this one surprised me. A woman was caught with drugs in her purse, and she told police that it must have been the wind.

It happened in Florida, just like many of these off-the-wall stories we report about. Police pulled a car over for some sort of violation. During questioning, police seemed to become suspicious about the pot smell coming from the car. After searching the car, police found a bag of marijuana, and a separate bag of cocaine in one of the passenger’s purses. Naturally, police questioned the person who’s lap the purse was in. She said that it was a windy day, and the wind must have blown it in there. In case you missed that, I’ll repeat it. The woman says the wind blew the drugs through the window and into her purse.

Not only is that a totally implausible situation, let’s pretend for a moment that the wind that day was strong enough. How would you fight that in court? And I mean let’s say 100% that the wind blew two bags of drugs into the car. Who’s going to believe that story? Well, obviously police didn’t either since the woman was arrested on two drug charges. One felony cocaine charge, and one misdemeanor marijuana charge. She was released on bond, but no word on her representation in court. Source.

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