Woman Claims Drinking Her Dog’s Urine Cleared Her Acne

This woman recorded a video of herself drinking her dog’s urine for the health benefits, and medical experts aren’t so on board with it.

By DAVID on June 20, 2018
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Aaaaaand that’s enough internet for today.

This lady says that she has been drinking her dog’s urine, claiming that it has all sorts of health benefits. It can do things like clear acne, contains minerals and vitamins, and even fights cancer, she says. I can’t begin to even consider trying this for any reason, but hey, people have been doing strange things for centuries. Speaking of centuries, she also says that people have been drinking dog pee for centuries. I don’t know about you, but I never sat around the campfire with grandpa and cracked open a warm can of dog pee, but hey.

It gets worse. There’s a video. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you having to see it here, but if you desire to watch, here’s the link. Obviously this isn’t a recommended technique for anything health related. Though, yes, in ancient times people drank human and animal liquid waste as a “urine therapy,” there are better ways now.

Joy McCarthy is a holistic nutritionist, and she says that it’s not “the safest choice.” Animal pee can even contain toxins and herbicides. “Herbicides have been detected in dog’s urine, likely from herbicide-treated lawns, antibiotics, and hormones, so I really don’t know that it’s the safest choice.” So basically, don’t drink your dog’s pee. On top of it just being totally gross, any potential health benefits that might just maybe exist aren’t even worth a sample. Side note – WOW, that dog really had to go…

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