Woman Rents Ferrari 458….. Completely Totals It Minutes Later [VIDEO]

A Chinese woman recently rented a Ferrari 458. After making a video talking about how amazing it was to drive the car, she accidentally drove into oncoming traffic and destroyed the car…

By austind03 on June 25, 2018
Woman Totals Ferrari 458 Price
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

A Chinese woman recently made a video talking about how wonderful it is to drive a Ferrari 458. However, she was only able to experience the car for a few minutes before she completely totaled it…

According to Daily Mail, the unnamed woman was driving in Wenling, China when the accident occurred. In the surprise crash, she completely lost control of the car on an empty road and drove straight into the center median. Unfortunately, the median didn’t fully stop the car, and it slammed into a BMW driving the opposite way.


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While the driver and her passenger escaped without serious injuries, it’s definitely going to leave a dent in her wallet. The damage to the car will cost at least $300,000, and it’s unclear if she had insurance.

It’s also unclear what exactly caused the crash. Many on social media are suggesting that the woman may have turned off the car’s traction control prior to the accident.

Right before the accident, the woman filmed herself at an intersection. In the video, she explains how amazing it is to drive the car, saying:

 “First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling.”

We wonder if she still feels the same way right now…

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