Woman’s Dancing Leads To Her Arrest

A woman was caught on camera stealing lottery tickets from a gas station store, but her dance moves provide the best description of the suspect.

By DAVID on June 22, 2018
(Photo by Agung Parameswara/Getty Images)

When someone steals something from a place, police try to get a description of the suspect. Tall, short, clothing color, hair style, etc. In this instance, there’s a little extra to go on. The woman who stole some scratch-off cards from a gas station was dancing. Like, a happy little “I’m about to get rich quick” sort of dance.

Police have video from the gas station where the woman stole the lottery tickets from. And you can see, she’s clearly excited about the heist. She has a male accomplice who was distracting the clerk somewhere off camera. She approaches the counter, and looks around while doing her dance. When she sees the coast is clear, she leans over the counter to grab the tickets. She nearly falls, which would have been hilarious in itself. But the reason she leaned over the counter is unclear. I mean yes, she was stealing scratch-off tickets, but the door to get behind the counter was wide open and right next to her.

She made off with the tickets, but someone was able to identify the woman. We’re not sure if it was because of the way she dances or not. She was arrested, and we’re also pretty sure she didn’t win anything from the tickets. See for yourself here.

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