Wounded Elk Grove Veteran Featured In New Video

He may be familiar to KNCI listeners

By kncitom on January 30, 2020

If you follow our show at all, then you probably know about our “Be The Good” community outreach program, where we look for people in the community to help.

Last December, it was Jordan Stephenson, a young veteran wounded in combat. Jordan’s wounds were severe. He was actually declared dead on the operating table, and ended up losing a leg. Along with a dozen or so listeners, we went to his house and hung Christmas lights for him and his family. 

However, being wounded didn’t stop Jordan. In fact, since then, he’s done things his old self would’ve only dreamed of. Including, most recently, partnering with Road Rangers to take a few hot laps out in Sonoma. Road Rangers is a “non-profit charity providing veterans the necessary tools to be successful during the crucial transition from military to civilian life“, according to their website and this week they posted the following video of Jordan behind the wheel going a little bit faster than the law will allow. 

It’s to promote Road Rangers and at the end, there’s a website address if you’d like to find out more. Check it out. It’s pretty inspirational.

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