Wow! Daycare Worker Writes On Baby’s Stomach Shaming Mom Over Diapers

By Pacey on January 28, 2020
(Photo by Constance Bannister Corp/Getty Images)

I just can’t believe this story! I also can’t believe this daycare center is even still up and running, because if I were this parent they would be closing their doors permanently.

Heather Chisum shared her story on Facebook, explaining how every day when she picks her sons Fin and Milo up from daycare, she gets a daily report that explains their mood, when their diapers were changed and if she needs to send in anything extra with them.

Mind you, she is a single mother, and is taking care of two children while working a full time job, so she may forget a small detail here or there.

Apparently they had written in one report that Heather should provide extra diapers for the children, and unfortunately Heather missed that part of the report. One would think an email or a call would be likely, but this daycare center did something dramatic and extremely disrespectful.

This daycare center decide to write IN PERMANENT MARKER on her child that he was out of diapers.

Heather, not knowing if she was in the wrong for complaining, decided to ask her friends on Facebook.

I’m sure you are not surprised that they were all on her side, some even insisting she file a police report. See the Facebook post below:

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