Yee Yee! Granger Smith’s Alter-Ego Wrote a Book “With” Him

By kncitom on July 20, 2018


Before Granger Smith became Granger Smith…a lot of people knew him as Earl Dibbles Jr …a comedic online persona he created for Youtube that got millions of hits and garnered him thousands of followers.

Smith’s career is going great but he isn’t about to distance himself from Earl. So “they’re” publishing a book!

It’s called If You’re City, If You’re Country and Smith says it features a cartoon version of Dibbles.

Granger…and Earl….shared the news with fans on the singer’s Instagram page via this video

Smith says the book–and Earl–have both been wonderful creative outlets for all the jokes and laughs he and his band shares. The book is set to be released August 21st and will be accompanied by a 5 song EP of some Earl Dibble’s classics, like this one maybe…?

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