Thousands Sign Petition To Stop A Yosemite Starbucks From Opening

By Admin on January 9, 2018

Give the people what the want! Which, in this case, is not Starbucks. Over 11,000 people have signed a petition to keep the coffee chain from opening at Yosemite National Park. The proposed Yosemite Starbucks would be located in the new Valley Lodge food court.

But, the location won’t be run by Starbucks itself, according to Aramark spokesperson David Freireich. Aramark will run the shop “in a tasteful manner” without any neon signs.

I don’t know—I am kind of torn on this. I get the appeal of not having corporate locations in nature, but it’s also nice to have that comfort of “real life.” Plus, a lot of contracts with the National Park are won by large corporations according to Today. Which makes sense considering the large amounts of visitors on a daily basis.

But, I went ahead and signed the petition because I can handle some Folgers coffee for a few days. If you want to sign it, go here.


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