You Can Make Mountain Dew Turkey, And I Have To Try This

Someone came up with Mountain Dew turkey, and as odd as it sounds, it’s something I think needs to be tried out, you know, just to see.

By DAVID on November 21, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This is probably something that Chris Jason would approve of, and I’m a little curious to try it. You can make turkey, like, for Thanksgiving, with Mountain Dew. The soda.

I know, you’re thinking “well that doesn’t sound good at all.” But did you really think about it? I mean, if you don’t like Mountain Dew, sure, but if you like the soda, even a little, you’ve got to admit your curiosity. Basically you’re using the Mountain Dew as a brine, and it’s pretty clever, I have to say. Credit has to go to Reynolds Kitchen here, those geniuses. They even gave full instructions on how to get it done.

It starts with mixing equal parts of Dew and water together. They say for every liter of liquid, add a quarter-cup of kosher salt. The turkey has to be totally submerged in the liquid, so you’ll need a big container for this thing. It has to sit overnight, so start it now, or try it later with a clearance turkey from the store. Preheat the oven to 350, and get a pan ready that’s about 2-inches deep. Add a tablespoon of flour to the bag and shake it around. Prepare the turkey as normal, brush with oil/butter, etc. Place in bag, cutting slits in the top of the bag for steam to vent. Cook that turkey until it’s at temperature.

When it’s done, serve it after letting it cool, sitting in the bag for about 15 minutes. Boom, Mountain Dew turkey that Ricky Bobby himself would nod approvingly towards. Here are some more detailed instructions, if you’re really curious to give it a shot.

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