Your Eyes Will Not … “Lego” … Chris Stapleton’s New Video

And it features a cameo from an actor who counts himself among Stapleton’s biggest fans

By kncitom on November 6, 2019

“Thousands of hours of work”. That’s how much time was spent putting together a new eye-popping animated video for Chris Stapleton that features him, his wife, his band (and a special cameo by one of the singer’s biggest fans, actor Chris Pratt) as Lego’s characters! 

Lego Group and Pure Imagination studios produced the wildly-imaginative video, which also has ninjas, a dragon, a bald eagle sidekick and a 50 foot tall robot Chris.

It’s for a song from Chris’ 2017 album, “From a room, Vol. 1” called “Second One To Know” and is 3:34 of pure fun. Check it out (and pay attention to all the tiny details. It’s truly amazing)

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