Yuba City’s Tyler Rich And Sabina Gadecki Are Married [PICS]

By Cody Briana on September 23, 2019
(Photo By: Jason Kempin / Getty Images for CMT)

Congrats to our friends Tyler Rich and his beautiful wife Sabina Gadecki! The two wed this weekend in Nashville. And if you didn’t know, they’re friends with Steph and Ayesha Curry, and yup, they were there!

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My Tajciu, had it not been for you, our guests would have arrived to a barn full of Polish liquor & nothing else. The way you embrace any & everything with all of your ❤️ is the most beautiful thing I have ever known. If you see passion & excitement in my eyes, you step up in sharing my joy. If you see sadness or hurt, you empathize & hold space for me to heal. The past 3 1/2 years have been a whirlwind of excitement, loving, longing and fulfillment. We know I’m an intense rager- I enjoy having a good time & instead of trying to tame me, you jump right in & match my energy. It’s kind of perfect that I’d end up marrying a sweeeet country singer & get to attend festivals for the rest of our lives. You ❤️ me wholly & truly. I’ve never known a more pure soul that gives so freely. I am blessed that God took the time to ensure our paths would cross and eternally grateful that I get to be the one special woman your love wraps its arms around. What’s unique about our relationship is we’re both dreamers. We’ve got seeds of ambition planted deep down that we instinctively nurture for one another-nothing makes us more proud than to see the fruition of the hard work and sacrifices we make. Your daily encouragement & honest support keeps me going, especially in the moments where I want to drop everything just to be by your side. You always see the bigger picture- your belief in me has given me a new level of confidence & security. You make sure I need or want for nothing. You naturally fill in my blanks and carefully pay attention to all the details. You’re my voice of reason, you help slow down my over-thinking, you’re so patient with me- in a way that only a person who truly loves me can be. And on our special day, in front of our beautiful family & friends, I got to honor the man you are and the wife I vow to be. I promise to always be reliable and a woman of my word. I promise to continue to love you unconditionally & with my whole heart. No matter how bright your star shines, I promise to always encourage you & support your dreams. I promise to dance, to sing & to be whatever I want to be. Thank you for leaving me wild, I promise I’ll never leave. I ❤️ you my husband.

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