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Charlie Daniels Isn’t Happy With Taco Bell’s New ‘Belluminati’ Ad [VIDEO]

Charlie Daniels doesn’t think the new “Belluminati” Taco Bell commercials are funny.

The new ad that started airing last month seems to have struck a chord with the country legend. The commercial shows a secret $1 Taco Bell menu society that obviously pokes fun at the Illuminati.

Daniels tweeted a simple message to the fast-food company:

“Hey Taco Bell
The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject”

Daniels has never shied away from writing about his political beliefs. In fact, as Taste of Country mentions, he writes a regular column called the Soapbox to use as a platform to write about his thoughts. In a post he made last summer, he wrote that the Illuminati and groups like them are advocating a “one world government administered by the elite and their minions.”

He continued that its goal is to “increase and reduce the global population by abortion, euthanasia, starvation and withholding medical treatment from whomever they deem too old or otherwise incapable to contribute to their version of a Utopian global society.”

You can read his full article here.

See the commercial below.

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