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Would You Ever Buy A Christmas Tree From Amazon?

You can now literally get all of your Christmas shopping done on Amazon. The online retailer just announced that they’re going to offer Christmas Trees, and they’ll even be Prime eligible. Amazon will also be offering wreaths and garland as well, so you can add a little extra decor to your home. A 7-foot Fraser fir, for example, will go for about $115. Wreaths will be going for around $50.

Trees will start selling in November, and Amazon says you can pre-order them. That way, you can pick the date for when you want the tree to arrive. Most of the trees are Prime eligible, so free 2-day shipping. Amazon also says that the trees will be shipped “within 10 days of being cut down, possibly even sooner.” It’s also said that the trees “should survive the shipping just fine,” so we’ll see.

But isn’t a part of getting a tree with the family going and picking it out? Do you think that an online store for trees where you just click “buy a tree” will do well? My family always went to cut a tree down from a farm, or at least picked one from a tree lot. You get to see it, spin it around, and choose what looks best. Will this Amazon way guarantee you a good tree? Or do you think you’ll end up with that crooked one that’s missing a branch? See some more details here.

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