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Since When Did Shaun White Get Hot? [PICS]

I can’t be the only one asking myself, “When did Shaun White get hot?” Not only is his talent attractive, but I realized last night while watching him score his 3rd Olympic gold he’s come a long way since his “flying tomato” days. Is it the haircut? His new-found fashion sense? Owning adorable dogs? Plastic surgery after last year’s injury where he had 62 stitches in his face? Or the fact he’s dating singer/musician Sarah Barthel from one of my favorite indie bands Phantogram? Whatever it is, I’m about it.

Check out the photos below.

📷 @gabe_lheureux

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Workin the streets for @menshealthmag 📸

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Thanks @wsj for the fashion shout out. 📷 @claytoncotterell

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