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Thomas Rhett Says Daughter, Willa Gray, Loves The Spotlight

It looks like Thomas Rhett may have already inspired his eldest daughter, Willa Gray, to become a performer. He says that she loves being in the spotlight.

“[Willa Gray] really enjoys being in the spotlight I think,” Rhett told Taste of Country. “If she gets a hold of my microphone and someone asks to get it back from her, it’s bad.”

Living her adolescence on the road with dad, who could blame her? Willa Gray and Ada, the latest addition to the family, already have a taste of being on tour. Of course, being a parent to his two little ones while also focusing on performing comes with its own set of challenges.

“We kinda started potentially putting them to bed before the show because if they stayed up till after the show, then Willa goes crazy until like midnight and will not go to sleep,” Rhett said. “They love standing side-stage. It’s just a constant trying to get Willa Gray not to run out on the stage and grab my leg.”

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Willa Gray recently had to learn to become an older sister to Ada, after being an only child for four months. It didn’t take long for her to completely fall into the role, though.

“It took [Willa Gray] a minute to adjust because it was only her for four months and then Ada was born, so she didn’t have much time to be an only child,” the singer continued. “So when Ada got in the picture, it took her about a month to adjust to it, but now man, she treats Ada amazing. She’s really growing into that big sister role pretty hard.”

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