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Thomas Rhett And Tyler Hubbard Have Stronger Best Friend Bond As Dads

Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard are close friends. They’ve found that fatherhood has proved to help their bond grow.

Thomas told Sounds Like Nashville:

Tyler Hubbard is one of my best friends in the world. So we relate on a level that I don’t relate with with some people that don’t have children. It’s funny, when you do have kids, all of the sudden things that you talk about like sleep don’t make sense to people that don’t have children. And so Tyler…we both lived the same life and now we’re living the same life except for we have two and they have one, which is way harder, by the way.”

Thomas continued to say that he and Tyler often check in with one another to compare notes:

“But it’s been really cool to kinda just talk with Tyler and share like ‘Are you sleeping on the road? Are you sleeping at home? Does it kill you when you have to leave Liv?’ Or me leaving Willa Gray and Ada. It’s cool because we both experienced those same freedoms and now we’re kinda, we’re in this place where we love having children but we’re both kind of getting used to the fact of what our new life is now. So it’s really nice to have a buddy that also does music for a living as well.”

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