5 Reasons We’re Watching ‘The Voice’ This Season

‘The Voice’ is back tonight (February 26th) with new judge Kelly Clarkson, and her humor alone should be reason enough to tune in.

By kncitom on February 26, 2018

By Tom Mailey

The Voice is back tonight (February 26th) with new judge Kelly Clarkson, and her humor alone should be reason enough to tune in: when asked which coach her husband, talent agent Brandon Blackstock might root for, her or fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton (who happens to be Blackstock’s client)…she cracked, “Both. But I put out.” As enjoyable as it is to watch Shelton and Adam Levine trade barbs, with Clarkson’s quick wit, she’ll be able to sling it just as easily as the boys, and that could be mighty entertaining. Plus, like previous judge Jennifer Hudson, she’s actually competed on a reality talent show. She’ll have a unique empathy insight for the pressure they’re under. But, Clarkson’s upsides aside, here are 5 other reasons we’re gonna tune in

5) It may not have been the first, but The Voice has long-since established itself as TV’s premiere talent search. The simple fact they do blind auditions is reason enough; the singer’s looks don’t matter when it counts the most. But also, by pitting coaches against each other, there is also real strategy involved, which keeps the viewer engaged. It may also be one of the reasons the show stays fresh, even as it enters, like, it’s bazillionth season.

4) Alicia Keys. Keys won it all with artist Chris Blue in her second turn as a coach and her classy, kind, charismatic personality is a perfect counter-balance to the smart-aleck-ness of the other three judges. She’s kind of the grown-up in the room.

3) It’s (mostly) about the music. Coach dynamics aside, The Voice just seems to take the musical aspect of the show more seriously, from the aforementioned blind auditions through the whole process of each coach developing their artist. Granted, some of the world’s most successful artists of all time have been so-so singers with out-sized or unique personalities… so those who argue Idol is more realistic about the “whole package” have a valid argument. But we like that The Voice just seems to take a more overall professional approach to their singers and the business of singing.

2) This. 

1) Blake and Adam. They still have the best chemistry of just about anyone on TV. Without these two and their perpetual bromance, where would the show be? Watching them is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. Plus, their rapport helps ease the very real tension that can sometimes come with watching these shows because it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the competition.

You gonna tune in?

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