Airline Wants To Start Weighing Passengers Before Their Flights

I am actually okay with this and would volunteer as tribute.

By Doug Lazy on November 3, 2017


If there was a discount or an upgrade for doing this, I’d be all over it. But, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

Finnair is a Scandinavian airline that hopes to roll out its new weigh-in program at Helsinki Airport. According to Delish, scales will be placed next to the gates in the airport and weigh-in is voluntary.

The point of Finnair’s new program is to provide updated and more accurate data regarding the average total weight of passengers and their luggage. The current averages used are from a 2009 survey where people estimated their weight (or fudged it a bit because that’s what happens in surveys).

I’d actually probably weigh in to help out with this for multiple reasons. A. I went to grad school and had to do a lot of quantitative research so I know how much it can suck to get people to participate in a study. B. I am terrified of flying to anything I can do to make it seem safer in my mind is a good thing.

Would you volunteer to weigh in?


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