I Believe In Bigfoot, Sort Of. Here’s Why.

A woman in Big Bear, California is suing the state so that it will recognize Bigfoot.

By kncitom on February 15, 2018

By Tom Mailey

A woman in Big Bear, California is suing the state so that it will recognize Bigfoot. Yep. Claudia Ackley is a Bigfoot “enthusiast”, and claims she saw one of the creatures on a hike one time, describing him as barrel-chested and with a head “three times the size” of a human head.

Her lawsuit claims that by not recognizing Sasquatch’s existence, the state is sas-squashing (see what I did there?) relevant research that could determine once and for all whether or not the animal is real.

And as ludicrous as it sounds…I’m kinda rooting for her.

My dad knew this guy. Maybe.

See, if you listen to the show at all, you’ll know I’ve always had a soft spot for Sasquatch, and it’s because my dad saw one. I’m not making that up–and I don’t think he was either.

It was in the late 1950s, and as he told it, he and my mom were on a weekend getaway at Mt. St Helens in Washington. They were driving on a logging road when he saw the very tall, hairy back of some kind of animal “glide” into the roadside forest. He said his first thought was a bear, but the animal was too tall and bears don’t typically walk on their hind legs. Then he thought it was a horse, but there was no tail. Couldn’t have been an elk either, because the fur was too dark and it didn’t have a white butt. But he was sure he saw something and I am too; he was rated an expert marksman in the Army and always had keen eyesight. He also swears he hadn’t been drinking.

Out of possibilities, he quickly forgot about the sighting until a few years later, when encounters with Bigfoot started to become news. As he read more and more stories, he realized a lot of the descriptions sounded like his, especially about the size of the creature and about how they walk: lots of folks were saying they walk very smoothly…that they almost sort of glide. From then on, he told everyone: he saw Bigfoot. Once, when I really questioned him about it, casting doubts left and right, he finally heaved a sigh and said, “Tommy…what’s so wrong with having a little mystery in the world?”

Now, I never actually came around to believing in Bigfoot but, I’ll confess that I do want to believe in them. And so, even though I know it’s completely absurd, I guess I choose to believe in them…not so much because I hope they’re actually out there, with their barrel chests and heads three times the size of ours but because, hey, what is so wrong with a little mystery in the world?


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