Brett Eldredge Continues To Open Up About Anxiety Struggles

By Admin on October 11, 2018

Wednesday was National World Mental Health Day and for Brett Eldredge, it meant another opportunity to show his fans he’s just like anyone else.

Recently, Brett opened up about his struggles through the years with anxiety, which you can read more about here

Then again on Wednesday, he brought it up again, in a simple tweet that has so far been shared over 1,000 times

The fact that Brett–who wears a smile like it’s part of his dress code–can suffer from anxiety and self-doubt yet is courageous enough to talk about it…when he certainly doesn’t have to…indicates he isn’t just doing it to bring attention to himself or to his career; he’s doing it because he means it, and he wants others to know that if they’re facing similar issues it means, as he puts it, “you’re human, and certainly not alone“. And for most people just knowing you’re not alone is enough to help you keep on keepin’ on.


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