Brothers Osborne Share Personal Connection With Capital Gazette

By kncitom on June 29, 2018

We were all saddened again as news broke yesterday of yet another mass shooting, this time at a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. Five employees shot dead by a disgruntled citizen, several others injured.

Among the first celebrities to express condolences on social media: Brothers Osborne, who shared that they had a personal connection to the local newspaper

And later, TJ and John tweeted their support of the newspaper’s staff, who pledged to put out a paper despite the unthinkable tragedy that had just occurred

The brothers grew up not far from Annapolis, in the coastal Maryland town of Deale.

Police arrested the suspected shooter, 29 year old Jarrod Ramos. They believe his motive stemmed from an article the paper had previously published regarding a harassment case he was involved in.






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