Burger King Is Giving Free Burgers To Terminally Ill Dog

Cody’s favorite snack is plain cheeseburgers from Burger King!

By kncipat on July 18, 2018
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Cody is a 10 year old Boxer-Labrador that was just diagnosed with cancer. A cancer so aggressive that Cody’s been given just three months to live. Can you imagine getting that news about a dog that has been your constant companion since being adopted at just 8 weeks old? After the devastating news Lynn Morris and her family decided they were going to make Cody’s remaining days, no matter how much time he had left, the absolute best. And that included getting Cody his favorite snack. He LOVES cheeseburgers. Plain cheeseburgers (condiments are hard for him to digest). A couple of days ago they were getting Cody his Burger King cheeseburger when, as wtol.com reports, a worker asked why they were always getting plain cheeseburgers. Lynn explained why. The drive through worker left for a minute and then returned with her manager. The manager told Lynn that from now on all of Cody’s cheeseburgers would be free.  Lynn was blown away. So was her son Alec Karcher who posted this on twitter:

Burger King responded to Alec’s tweet:

This happened (and is still happening) in Toledo, Ohio. In case you’re in the area (like my sister is…she lives there), support the Burger King on East Alexis Blvd. And Lynn wants to remind us all that when we’re ready to get a dog, please adopt one from a shelter.

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