Cease-N-Desist from In-N-Out Is Hilarious-N-Fantastic

By kncitom on August 15, 2018

When Seven Stills Brewery in San Francisco introduced the branding for their latest beer, they had an idea they would hear from the company they were riffing off of: the name for “In-N-Stout” neopolitan milkshake stout (a milk-style stout that tastes like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) is a direct play on the In N Out burger chain name. And the can design, even more so, which you can see, here

We have to provide a link to a photo of the can because the expected “Cease-N-Desist” has already been issued, and so Seven Stills has already pulled all images of the offending logo. But, they did it in good humor…probably because In-N-Out had a sense of humor when their lawyers reached out, working several different beer or whiskey (Seven Stills is also a distillery) puns into their order. It reads:

Please understand that use of our marks by third parties ales us to the extent that this could cause confusion in the marketplace or prevent us from protecting our marks in the future, we hope you appreciate, however, that we are attempting to clearly distill our rights by crafting an amicable approach with you, rather than barrel through this.

How can you not love that?

And how can you not love this? Seven Stills took down images of their original can from Instagram, and replaced it. Be sure to click the arrow…what follows is a brief master class on how to handle a marketing snafu…if it was really a snafu at all. Either way, genius!



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