Check Your Pool Noodles For Rattlesnakes! “It’s ungodly hot out and snakes are just looking for somewhere to hide.”

“If I was a snake and I was dehydrated, I would go to the pool noddle too.”

By kncipat on June 24, 2018
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A family in Buckeye, Arizona was going for a swim in their pool when out from one of their pool noodles popped an adult rattlesnake.  Inside the pool noodle were baby rattlers.   None of the snakes attacked and were eventually removed by the fire department.    The pool noodles had been left outside up against a wall.  So it wasn’t like they were in storage or hadn’t been used in awhile.  According to a man who specializes in rattlesnake removal, Greyson Getty,  said, “”It’s ungodly hot out and snakes are just looking for somewhere to hide. They’re dehydrated, they haven’t had a meal and there’s a damp pool noodle in a dry desert. If I was a snake and I was dehydrated, I would go to the pool noodle too.”   The temperatures in Buckeye, Arizona this past weekend mirrored Sacramento, highs of between 102 and 106.   So please, please check your pool toys, your pool area, and your pool.  If you find or see a rattlesnake here are some tips of what to do from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

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