Cole Chewins, Tanner Farmer, Lion King: The Best College Football Player Names for 2018

By kncitom on September 4, 2018

Pat and I were texting this weekend about the Auburn/Washington Huskies football game and Auburn has a safety named Smoke Monday. Even though I’m a Husky fan, I said that’s my new favorite college football player name. I mean, Smoke Monday; that’s just a badass name.

But, it’s place at the top of my list didn’t last long because Pat texted right back with the name Lion King, a real dude  who plays for Eastern Michigan.

So, with that in mind, with a little help from Bleacher Report, and excluding Smoke and Lion, here are 20 very real and completely awesome names suiting up on the college gridiron this season

Steele Fortress (Parma Western, Ohio)

Legend Brumbaugh(Maryland)

My-King Johnson (Arizona)

Squally Canada (BYU)

Tre’ McKitty (Florida State)

Baer Hunter (Appalachian State)

Bumper Pool (Arkansas)

Chad President (Tulsa)

Fofie Bazzie (Maryland)

Manly Williams (Hawaii)

Joshua Van Dunk (Navy)

Quandarius Qualls (West Virginia)

Eddie McDoom (Michigan)

Blaze Moorhead (Univ Texas San Anton)

Cole Chewins (Michigan State)

Mac Hippenhammer (Penn State)

Tanner Farmer (Nebraska)

Rusty Staats (Western Kentucky)

Trent Wilderbraithwaite (Marshall)

Jamez Brickhouse (Old Dominion)

Wylan Free (Fresno State)

But none can compare with the young man who’ll likely be a college player in two years: a Texas high school quarterback exquisitely named

He looks pretty good, too. Get on board the Booty train NOW, y’all.

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