College Football Players’ Simple Act To Help Little Girl At Subway Goes Viral

By kncipat on June 29, 2020
Photo by Viviane Moos/Corbis via Getty Images

Christie Myers was in downtown Athens, Georgia Friday with her daughter Avery. Avery looks to be about 6 or 7.  Avery had to go to the bathroom really bad so Christie took her by the hand and ran into he closest place, a Subway sandwich shop.  They ran straight to the bathroom and an employee told her that the bathroom was for paying customers only.   Christie didn’t have her wallet so she told the employee she was sorry, and that they’d leave.  As she and Avery started to run out 2 young men spoke up and said they’d buy Avery a cookie so she could then be a paying customer and use the bathroom.

Christie says, “I was so grateful I thanked them profusely and dashed into the restroom with Avery.” 

When they came out the 2 men were still there so Christie thanked them again. Turns the guys both play football for the University of Georgia. They had a great conversation, talked about football, life, and Avery got a cookie.

In her facebook post about it Christie said, “To some it may seem like a small act, but I was so thankful and impressed that these 2 college kids who don’t’ have kids of their own gave so freely and without hesitation to help us out.”  She also posted a picture of the 2 young men, Latavious Brini and Jaylen Johnson along with Avery.  Christie says it was a much needed ray of sunshine. Oh, and Go Dawgs!.

Check out the whole story including the picture of Latavious, Jaylen and Avery here

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