Expect A Few New Things At Country in the Park (To Make It Even More Fun)

By kncitom on May 9, 2018

Pat, Tom and Cody

We just had our final meeting before Country in the Park gets here on Saturday. We were stoked before but now, we’re even MORE stoked.

We can’t say too much, but, for starters, be where you can see the stage by 4:15 so you can catch our anthem-contest winner Frankie Pierce of Rancho Cordova as he gets things started with a full-on color guard.

Soon after that, Temecula Road takes the stage and its on!

This year, we’ll have more vendors than ever before, including (but not limited to!)

Stoney’s Rockin’ Rodeo…with GIANT BEER PONG. We’re not sure what that’s gonna look like exactly but we’re gonna find out.

–Play yourself some cornhole at the Coors Light tent

–It’ll be warm Saturday so feel free to take a break in the SMUD “Cool Down Zone”, a big tent with misters and lounge chairs

–the Fly Brave Foundation (which assists young adults with autism find employment). They make some really cool, fun t-shirts like the one below and all proceeds benefit their efforts.

Oh, and between sets, keep an eye on the big screens: not only will we feature more live backstage interviews with our acts (like we did last year), there will also be a few surprise appearances that we think you’ll find are pretty cool, in addition to a welcome video the three of us had fun making late last week.

Also, for the first time ever, we’ll be selling KNCI Country in the Park trucker hats! We’ve sold t-shirts in the past, and we’re doing that again, but, you guys….TRUCKER HATS.

We also want you to help us spread the fun: if you’re posting photos to social media, please share them with the hashtag #CITP18.

Parking opens at 2 (Remember it’s ten dollars), gates open at three (and we will be there, literally, to welcome you) and, as previously mentioned, it all goes down starting about 4:15. 

This will be the best Country in the Park yet, and we’re happy you’re a part of it.

Can’t wait to see you all Saturday.


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