All Flocked Up: Drunk Birds Overrun Minnesota Town (Video)

By kncitom on October 4, 2018

Hundreds of drunks are wreaking havoc on the town of Gilbert, Minnesota.

They’re blotto all the time, creating messes on sidewalks and cars, weaving in and out of traffic, making people uncomfortable.

But police can’t do anything about it because … the drunks are all birds.

Yep. It’s the local population of birds. They’ve been eating over-ripe berries, which have fermented and contain alcohol, causing the birds to get, in the words of Ricky Bobby’s best friend Cal, “Hammered drunk”.

Town officials say some birds get too drunk to fly and stagger around on lawns and sidewalks. Others are totally out of control when they do fly and slam into things: trees, houses, cars. In fact one woman claims to have had seven birds crash into her car in just the last week.

Bird experts say it’s pretty typical behavior and the birds should start sobering up as soon as all the berries are gone.

If you’ve never seen a drunk bird, here’s video of one from Twitter, looking not unlike Cody on typical midtown Saturday night (kidding! Only kidding!)

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