It’s Football Season! Here’s How To Cope With Your Team Losing

By kncitom on September 10, 2018

Football season is here and with it, the emotional ups and downs of being fan. One week, you’re on top of the world. The next, you’re barely able get out of bed the next morning.

If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, it’s even worse.

So, here are a few actual tips from the interweb that pop up when you Google “How To Deal With Your Team Losing”…which I did yesterday after my Seahawks dropped their season-opener to Denver. Feel free to print out this list and tape it next to your TV for the rest of the season.

–Acknowledge your feelings. Don’t pretend you’re not bothered by Russell Wilson being sacked six times.

–Share your feelings. It’s OK to yell a little, to kick a little dirt. Just don’t take your frustrations out on others; avoid “stirring things up” because that will just create a negative atmosphere and make Sebastian Janikowski’s two missed field goals in row sting even more especially because you only lost by three.

–Eat something! The act of eating can be calming.

–Get a little exercise, because chances are, your act of eating involved a pizza, beer and a plateful of wings.

–Stop focusing on the loss, and instead, look at the positive take-aways from the game, such as when Von Miller took away the football from your running back like it was a relay baton and yet you still managed to not chuck the remote against the wall.

–Turn off the TV and go outside. Where, if you’d like, you can burn your jersey or, if you live in a high-fire danger area, just bury it in the garden til the rainy season.

–Focus on the big picture. Every NFL team has its ups and downs. Understand and accept that. The only way you’ll make it through week 16 (and hopefully beyond)  is by taking the long view. And maybe some Xanax.

There ya go. Good luck. I gotta go find a shovel.




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