Hero of Waffle House Shooting Starts GoFundMe Page For Victims

By kncitom on April 23, 2018

By Pat and Tom

As if James Shaw Jr. wasn’t enough of a hero already, he’s started a GoFundMe page for the families of the four people killed in that horrendous act of violence Saturday night at a Waffle House near Nashville Tennessee.

29 year old Shaw was in the restaurant when the suspect, Travis Reinking, walked in and opened fire. Shaw was able to disarm him when the suspect paused, but not before four patrons had already been mortally wounded.

Shaw was grazed by a bullet but was otherwise unhurt, and has modestly stated he isn’t a hero and that he was only doing what anyone else would’ve done, given the opportunity. But he’s since gone above and beyond, visiting survivors in the hospital and starting the aforementioned GoFundMe page for victims’ families, which as of Monday morning had raised over $21,000.

While as of this writing a manhunt continues for Reinking, the rest of the country doesn’t have to look any further for what a hero looks like. Thank you, James Shaw Jr.


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