It’s National Hot Dog Day: Do You Know Your Hot Dog Etiquette?

There’s an actual list and you should familiarize yourself with it immediately

By kncitom on July 17, 2019

Today we celebrate one of the all-time great unpretentious meals ever invented…the ubiquitous HOT DOG.

According to the interweb, the hot dog as we know it first gained traction in New York City in the 1860s when a German immigrant started selling what he called “Dachsund sausages”, but it wasn’t until the 1870s that another German immigrant began setting those sausages in a bun and serving them that way from his food cart on Coney Island. The rest is culinary history.

That much, we can probably all agree on. But we’ve been arguing about the rest of it ever since: ketchup on a dog, yes or no? Is there a proper order to applying condiments? Is there any acceptable beverage other than beer or soda to wash down your hot dog with? 

Thanks to our colleague (and self-appointed “Wizard of Weiners”), Carmichael Dave from our sister station Sports 1140 KHTK, we are now aware of an actual list of hot dog Dos and Don’ts, from something else we never knew existed: the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (and to paraphrase my partner Pat: how do you earn a seat on that board?)

Rather than re-type the whole list–because I don’t have that kinda time, I’ll just give you the link. Click below, read, share, argue and enjoy.

Hot Dog Dos and Don’ts Link

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