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Louisiana Man Claims Ghosts Planted Meth On Him After Arrest

When police arrested this Louisiana man for possessing meth, they likely didn’t expect his crazy defense…

When police arrested this Louisiana man for possessing meth, they likely didn’t expect his crazy defense…

According to News Star, 59-year-old Michael L. Auttonberry recently called the police about a stabbing. During the call, he claimed intruders stabbed him in the head with an axe and that he needed help.

However, when police arrived at his house, it became clear something was off. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office explained that Auttonberry began cursing at the deputies on the scene and at “people who were obviously not there.”

Auttonberry was also uncooperative and unable to calm down. For the safety of the officers, they placed him in handcuffs and tried to examine his injuries. They quickly realized, though, that he had not been stabbed in the head like he had said.

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Although Auttonberry asked deputies to search his home for intruders, they found no one else inside. However, they did find an open bag with a gram of methamphetamine inside. When they later searched Auttonberry ‘s person, they found another gram of meth in a pill bottle.

The police report further states:

“Michael stated ghosts or intruders placed the methamphetamine on him, then stated they were currently climbing out the window nearby, which was not accurate.”

While ghosts and invisible intruders is definitely an interesting explanation, we don’t think that’ll get him far in court…

On top of the drug charge, Michael L. Auttonberry is also facing “charges of criminal mischief to give false police report.”

Head right here to learn more. Also, let us know what the weirdest excuse you’ve ever heard is in the comments section below!


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