Miranda Lambert Gets Into Heated Exchange In Nashville And Throws…Salad?

By Cody Briana on February 13, 2019
(Photo By: Erika Goldring / Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum )

Don’t mess with Miranda Lambert. Lesson learned. According to TMZ, the singer was involved in a heated exchange Sunday night at Stoney River Steakhouse. She was dining with her mother and a family friend when an older man started beefing with her buddy. Sources say the fight started in the men’s bathroom when the man made a wisecrack about millennials being on their phones. Word is Lambert had to be held back after the man came up to her table and started screaming! She started mouthing off and eventually walked over to the man’s wife, got feisty with her and dumped a salad in her lap! FOOD FIIIIGHT!

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