Pet Premonition: Was My Dog Trying To Tell Me Something?

By kncitom on September 21, 2018

It’s Tom and that is my 16 year old Chihuahua, Cornelius on Thursday morning.

Normally he couldn’t care less when I leave to go to work. But that morning, he came downstairs with me, sat next to me while I had breakfast then slipped out into the garage and into the car before I spotted him. I took him upstairs but he followed me down and tried going with me again. At that point I started wondering if he was having some sort of weird pet premonition. Turns out, maybe he was.

Because of his odd behavior, as I was driving in I was a little more alert than I normally would be. And as I merged onto 80 at Riverside, it’s a good thing I was: two cars that were either racing or having road rage with each other came up alongside me and suddenly, the car in the far left lane swerved hard at the car in the middle lane, causing it to swerve into my lane. Because of my heightened sense of awareness, I almost was expecting it and I braked. If I hadn’t been ready and didn’t brake when I did, that car that came into my lane would’ve taken out the left front of my car.

Now, I’m not saying Corni sensed that something bad might happen to me on my drive in, but…I’m not saying he didn’t. It WAS weird, though and even though my rational mind knows it was all a coincidence, my more trippy-dippy side can’t help but wonder…

And I’m not the only one. We asked about Pet Premonitions on Facebook  and got some pretty interesting replies

 Tanya My dog trained himself to alert my mother to low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Now that I’m diabetic he does it with me.

Leslie  Our dog woke my Dad because our basement had caught fire.

Lori  My cat knew I was pregnant before I did. He wasn’t a lap cat but all of a sudden he was always sitting on my lap. When I found out I was pregnant, I realized he started sitting with me pretty much on the day my daughter was conceived. After I had my daughter, he went right back to sitting at my feet.

Kristen  My God-grandmother’s Siamese cat began howling in the night. Figured it was because she was in the hospital and he missed her. Turned out that she had passed around the same time he began howling ….. He knew.

But maybe the most interesting came from  Rhonda, who reached out on our 105.1 page via Direct Message

I was contacting you about how dogs have esp!
When I had a brain tumor….I had no idea. My dog wouldn’t leave my side. It was strange behavior. I laughed with my husband … “am I dying or something? What’s happening?”
Mind you, this dog was very aloof. Did his own thing.
That night … I had the worst headache…tears…. couldn’t keep a sip of water down. It was worse than childbirth.
We went right in to hospital. They did a scan and sure enough I had a walnut size tumor on the base of brain.
I had surgery and (am now) 100%.

And Rhonda sums it up perfectly:

…listen to your dog. 😊

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