Reason #576 To Attend Golf and Guitars: That Time Charles Kelley Nailed THIS Trick Shot (Video)

By kncitom on May 17, 2018

Remember! Even though Golf and Guitars is sold out…that’s only the performance portion of the day. You can still come out and watch your favorite artists as they play the course. Kane Brown, Runaway June, Love and Theft, Jordan Davis, Jason Michael Carroll….and many others. Just pick a fairway, a tee box or a green and set up shop, because if you do, you might see a special one-of-a-kind moment like this, from Lady A’s Charles Kelley back in 2016. (And yes, you’re welcome to bring chairs, blankets or whatever to make yourself comfortable. And all artists will be accomodating…as long as you are courteous and don’t hit them up for a picture or an autograph in the middle of their backswing!)

(video courtesy Scott Prenez)

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