Roseanne Reboot Canceled After Offensive Tweet

By kncitom on May 29, 2018

In the old days, if people had, um…let’s put this nicely… controversial thoughts about certain things, they mostly just kept them in their heads.

But nowadays, we have Twitter, and an offensive tweet by Roseanne Barr has led to the sudden cancellation of the hit re-boot of her TV series.

TMZ, The Hollywood Reporter and other news outlets are reporting ABC television has dropped Roseanne–just days after renewing it for a second season.

In a series of since-deleted posts, Barr made disparaging comments about Democrats, which isn’t anything new for her–she is an unapologetic supporter of President Trump. But, the network says she went over the line when she included a racially-charged crack towards a former white house aid to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, an African American, that compared her to an ape.

After being swiftly criticized, Barr tweeted the following


Barr has been taken to task before for her tweets supporting ideas often touted by the “alt-right” but until now has stopped short of anything as racially-charged as this.

Some experts are speculating that the show–which deals with the challenges of a lower-middle class family in ways that garnered it huge ratings (both the original show and the re-boot)–may be picked up by another network after the latest controversy dies down.

But in the meantime, there will be no second season…at least not on ABC.

Read more about this unexpected turn of events as written up in the The Hollywood Reporter


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