Snag Your CITP 2 Apparel!

By Admin on August 1, 2019

Snag your CITP 2 apparel!

Purchase your KNCI concert apparel at Country In The Park 2, courtesy of The Fly Brave Foundation!

The Fly Brave Foundation is a 501c3, 100% volunteer driven not-for-profit, founded by Vanessa Bieker, the mother of an adult son with non-verbal autism. Fly Brave was created in 2016 as grassroots effort to provide free social, fitness and employment training programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Fly Brave started with 5 families and today serves 250.

An amazing jewelry and t-shirt designer
who just created her own line of body
sprays and hair gel.
A professional runner who ran the 2019
Boston Marathon and is training for his
first 50-mile race in April 2020.

She trains her service dog, Jasmine, herself
and is a public speaker who spreads
awareness on neurodiversity. She loves
bright colors and creating art that, “Makes
people smile.”

As an animal lover, she’s spent the last several
years volunteering in shelters. She enjoys
creating art about movie quotes and LOVES
country music.



A music lover with an appreciation for the arts.
He enjoys researching history and can recite
the biography of artists and actors from any
time-period. His life’s motto is, “Do unto others
as you’d have done to you.”



When you purchase a t-shirt at
Country in the Park 2, you help Fly Brave’s clients continue to move their shop forward.

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