And the Third Oldest Artist To Ever Score A #1 Country Hit Is…..

By kncitom on June 19, 2018

Congrats to David Lee Murphy!

The 59 year old just scored his first #1 hit in 23 years.

Last time he topped the chart was in 1995 with Dust on the Bottle.

He also had several other top 5 country singles, including “Party Crowd” which was country radio’s most-played song in the same year as Dust On the Bottle.

But after that, his singing career took a backseat to writing, which he’s been doing successfully since then, wring well-known country songs like Big Green Tractor, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not, The More I Drink and a bunch more.

But, he was talked backed into recording studio by his buddy Kenny Chesney and their duet Everything’s Gonna Be Alright just hit the top spot.

Fun fact: as far as I can tell (I’m not an investigative reporter, OK?) …David is the 3rd oldest artist to ever score an #1 in country music. At #2: Kenny Rogers, who was 61 when he recorded “Buy Me A Rose”

Aaaand the oldest? Willie Nelson, who was 70 when he recorded “Beer For My Horses” with Toby Kieth.

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