Tyler Rich Just Out There Being The Good

And it’s on behalf of shelter animals

By kncitom on March 2, 2020

Man, Tyler Rich is an easy guy to root for, and not just because the Yuba City native is one of us. He’s a talented young musician with the best days of career still to come and yet, he doesn’t want to wait that long to start giving back.

Tyler loves animals. In fact, other than his new wife Sabina and performing, critters appear to be his favorite thing in the world. Currently he is out on tour and while he’s playing shows (one of which will be at the new Hard Rock in Wheatland March 21st) he is also taking time out of his day to not only visit but feature animal shelters in the towns where he is performing. 

It’s part of an animal welfare charity he’s started called @RichRescues and it’s pretty straight forward: while on tour, Tyler and a video crew are stopping by shelters, playing with the animals, giving you a little of their backstory, and then it goes onto social media in hopes some or all of the animals featured find forever homes. He’s done 2 visits already, in Medina, Ohio and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he introduced his fans to Turbo, a, as Tyler puts it, “3-legged tripod with speed” (that’s Tyler with Turbo in the story headline image above).

Good on you Tyler! That’s a kind and generous thing you’ve …um, embarked on. 



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