Willie Nelson Speaks Out Against Immigration Crisis

By kncitom on June 20, 2018

Willie Nelson has never been one to hold back his opinions on social issues so it’s no surprise the native Texan has weighed in on the current immigration crisis.
Willie tells Rolling Stone that “what is going on at our southern border is outrageous and Christians everywhere should be up in arms”.
It’s not the first time he’s addressed immigration issues: in 2014 he also focused on children of migrants, saying “the only thing we can do is take care of those kids, whatever it takes. They’re scared. They’re being mistreated. And it’s not a good way to start off your life. But it’s a good opportunity for us to show a little bit of humanitarianism and take care of those kids.”
If you want to read Willie’s full take on the issue we have a link on our website, click here

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