10 Times People At a Concert Couldn’t Believe What They Were Seeing

Flapjacks, anyone?

By kncitom on July 11, 2023

Going to a show sometimes means seeing a show at the show. And sometimes that show-within-a-show is entertaining. Sometimes though, it’s, uh, not. We asked on our Facebook page recently “What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at a concert” and here are some of our favorite answers

10) Big Fan. This one comes from Pat and me. At a Country in the Park concert several years ago, we witnessed a guy dressed like Hulk Hogan walk up to our KNCI van, and pee on it. Had to go, brotherrrrrrrr

9) Now THAT’S country: for Cody, it was seeing a guy completely passed out on a hay bale but, not comfortably along the length of it. No. She said he was sort of draped over either side of it, on his back. That could not have been comfortable

8) That Show Was Fire. Mark told us that when he worked security at Shoreline Amphitheater, he would occasionally see people burst into flames. The outdoor venue (and this was the first we learned of it), was built on a landfill and “in the early days, methane used to permeate out of the lawn”. Sometimes, he said, someone would go to light a cigarette (“or something else”) and their hair or clothes would catch on fire

7) Best Song I Ever Saw. Shawna said she saw a woman at a show reaching out at the air. She told Shawna she could “see the music”. Oooo-k.

6) Off The Cuff. Rachel saw a woman go up to a security officer at a concert and ask if her daughter could take a picture of her with him, in handcuffs. Confused, the officer did it. Rachel adds “When they were out if earshot, I asked if that had ever happened to him before and he said no”

5) Fancy Seeing You Here. Addison was at one of our Golf and Guitars concerts a few years ago and saw his ex with his “now ex-best friend”. Ouch.

4) It’s a Pickle. Kim said “we saw a guy try to hide behind a very small, just-planted tree to pee. Let’s just say he did not need the tree to hide behind. Can you say gherkin”. Ouch, again.

3) No Shirts, No Pants, Big Problem. Sally saw not one but 2 couples getting, um, busy, in separate parts of Pac-Bell part during a Kenny Chesney show. 

2) Was It During The River? Karen said “Garth Brooks, Arco Arena, August 1997. We had floor seats. The group in front of us didn’t want to miss the concert, so they pee’d right where they were standing.” Karen added that it was still “a great show”.

1) Can’t Find These at IHOP. And April claims the top spot for strangest things seen at a concert by virtue of the way she puts it. I mean, flashing the artist has always been a thing so, that’s not too unusual. But, as April put it: “I am finding a lot of the stuff people are doing at concerts nowadays crazy! The one this weekend, females were (flashing their chests) on the big screen! What happened to family friendly? I don’t want my kid to see some nasty chick’s flapjacks!!!” 

And there you have it. 

Looking forward to my first real chance to use “flapjacks” in a conversation. 

You’re welcome.



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