4 Year Old Brings New Friend Home To Play And Mom Is Shocked

By kncipat on January 29, 2021
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Brown

Rudolph pajamas, snow boots, winter coat and a huge smile. Dominic was wiping his boots off at the back door like his mom had taught him. He wanted to bring his new friend in to meet his mom. Stephanie Brown was cleaning when she heard her son, looked up and was stunned. “I see him and a baby deer standing next to each other getting ready to come inside. I froze for a second because I literally didn’t know what to do.” Once she caught her breath Stephanie calmly backed away, got her phone and snapped a picture. That’s when Dominic told her that he wanted to bring his new friend in to have some cereal. After a moment Stephanie told her son that he needed to walk his friend back to the woods. That way his mommy who was no doubt missing him would be able to find him. 

Oh, and Dominic named his new friend “Flash.” Asked why he named him “Flash,” Dominic said, “You know why.” The logic, love and innocence of a 4 year old.  

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