5 Year Old Wants Prosthetic Arm For Christmas So He Can Hug His Younger Brother

By kncipat on December 18, 2019
photo courtesy of msn.com

Jacob Scrimshaw was born without a left arm.  He has a small nub sticking out of his left shoulder and that’s it.  While Jacob’s adjusted really well to life with one arm he asked his mom and dad for one thing for Christmas.  He wanted an artificial arm.  Or as he put it, “a big green arm like the Hulk so I can hug my baby brother.”  Jacob’s parents had already been looking but running into roadblocks.  A prosthetic arm that had an elbow joint and could stay attached to his upper arm just couldn’t be found.  Plus making one cost way more money than they had.  Thanks to some generous neighbors $20,000 was raised.  That was enough for a company called Amnionics to create an innovative robotic arm for Jacob.  And bonus, as requested it’s in Hulk-like green! 

Jacob’s mom says she can’t wait to see her son open his Christmas gifts using two hands.  And his younger brother Ryan can’t get enough of Jacobs two armed Hulk hugs!  Merry Christmas Jacob. 

Here are the two brothers, arm in arm!


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