8 Year Old’s Letter To Santa Asking For Just One Thing Strikes Chord Around The World

By kncipat on December 7, 2020
Photo by Mindy Schauer/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

And a child shall lead them. I may not have that exactly right but that’s the way I remember it in my early church days. It’s amazing how smart kids are if we just listen. Kourtney Wood is 8 years old. She wrote the following letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

All I would like for Christmas is for the world to go back to normal. I don’t know if you can do that but if you can’t that is OK. I don’t mind if I have nothing. I do have everything, well, I do have everything I need. Thank you.”

Kourtney’s mom read the letter and was blown away. “I knew she’d been struggling with lockdown and Covid. She just wants her old life. It was just heartbreaking.” She posted the letter a facebook page called “Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.” The response was overwhelming. Message after message after message of support poured in. From “this made me cry,” to “beautiful and heartbreaking.”  Kourtney’s mom read the many comments to her daughter and says it’s been beyond comforting. As for Kourtney, knowing so many people of all ages feel the same way she does has made a big difference in her life. She says she’s sleeping well again and doesn’t need the light on at night anymore.

Thank you Kourtney for leading us to a much needed reminder. Here’s to getting back to normal.



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