9 Year Old Writes Letter To Taco Bell, Now She’ll Speak At Their Annual Convention

By kncipat on September 12, 2018
Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Third grader Kinsley James wanted tacos for dinner.  Her mom said NO because she was too busy to drive to Taco Bell.  That’s when Kinsley took action.

The 9 year old wrote a letter to Taco Bell asking that they please implement a delivery service.  She listed 5 reasons why they should start delivering and concluded with, “This is a good way to make more money.”

Taco Bell loved her letter so much that Kinsley will now be a keynote speaker at Taco Bell’s franshisee convention in Las Vegas.  She’ll be talking to 1,400 people!

Entrpreneur.com shared the letter and Kinsley’s mom, Cindy, shared this video of Taco Bell inviting Kinsley to Las Vegas.  And a side note: Cindy shared the letter too even though Kinsley called her a mean mom for her bad taco behavior.

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