98 Year-Old Girl Scout Has Been Selling Cookies Since She Was Ten!

By Pacey on February 18, 2020

Wow! This is amazing!

I didn’t even know Girl Scout Cookies have been around this long, but for the past 88 years, Ronnie Backenstoe has been putting on a uniform and selling these cookies!

“I became a Girl Scout in 1932,” Ronnie told WFMZ. “I wanted to be one so badly, and my mother said, ‘When you’re ten,’ so when I was ten, I was ready to go!”

Ronnie has pretty much dedicated her entire life to the Girl Scout foundation.

“I think that it was just part of living, and that’s what really girl scouting is, it teaches you how to live,” Ronnie said.

Even at 98 years old, Ronnie is still going strong and inspires those around her.

“Her stamina, her energy, her mind, she’s non-stop,” Barbara Allen Perelli, the troop leader, told the news station.

Senior Girl Scout Amber Holl said she enjoys getting a chance to spend time with Ronnie.

“In general, she just makes me laugh when I’m with her,” she said.

Wanna know how much they went for when she started? Back in 1932, Girl Scout Cookies went for just 15 cents each box.

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