Airfare Sales Mean You Can Fly Out Of SMF Cheap

You can fly from Sacramento to SoCal for only $39 right now! You can also fly to NYC for only $99 and to Maui for $199! See the best of the airfare sales going on…

By Doug Lazy on February 5, 2019

There are some huge airfare sales happening right now with flights from SMF to San Diego for $39, SMF to JFK for $99 and SMF to Maui for only $199!

If you’re dreaming of a vacation right now the airlines having huge sales! has their $39 flight sale happening with flights as cheap as $39/one way out of SMF. There are 6 different locations within California for that price. is also having a huge “flash sale” with $59 flights from SMF to Seattle, $69 flights from SMF to Portland and $199 flights from SMF to Maui!

Lastly, is having a $99 sale from SMF to NEW YORK CITY! 

All of these super-discounted fares are available for a limited time and come with restrictions. You’ll want to check with the airlines before booking your flight but you can’t beat a discount like the ones above!


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