Apparently Tortilla Chips Can Spontaneously Combust – Who Knew? [PIC]

Firefighters had to battle two different fires (three, technically) at a tortilla chip factory after leftover chips kept bursting into flames.

By DAVID on July 20, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Those tasty, tasty, salty tortilla chips we love with salsa (and molten cheese and jalapenos) contain some fiery potential. And I don’t mean what comes the next day, I mean literal fire. Apparently the chips can burst into flames randomly. At least that’s what one fire department encountered. Twice.

The fire(s) happened at a tortilla chip factory. Luckily the fires were contained outside of the building, so no damage was done. Apparently the factory had been experimenting with this batch of chips. The experimenting didn’t go so well, so they had to dispose of that batch. Thrown into cardboard boxes, and placed outside on their loading dock, awaiting whatever disposal service they use to arrive.

But, whatever their “experimentation” was, the chips wound up spontaneously combusting. The tortilla chips literally burst into flames, just sitting there. Fire crews arrived to the scene to battle the fire, and while they were just knocking that fire down, another fire started in a different pile of tortilla chip waste. So they watered down the entire trash pile to prevent another fire. Well, three days later, ANOTHER fire started for the same reason. Talk about some spicy chips, wow. See some more details here.

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