Axe-Throwing Bar Deemed Unsafe, Loses Liquor License For One Day

A bar that features an axe-throwing court was just deemed to be unsafe, and had their liquor license suspended for a day to come up with new safety rules.

By DAVID on September 26, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Just a day? But wait – a bar that features axe-throwing was deemed “unsafe?” If you’re laughing right now, you’re not alone. Also I should add, nobody was injured, it was just deemed unsafe.

The bar in question is in Michigan, and yes, it’s primarily an axe-throwing bar. Basically you go to the place, and much like bowling, you can throw axes, or drink and throw axes. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission investigated the bar after they caught wind of some videos posted to social media from people who visited the bar. Things they saw in the videos included:
People wearing open-toed shoes
People throwing axes at glass bottles
Behind-the-back axe catching
Even tightrope axe-throwing

The liquor control board decided to suspend the bar’s liquor license for one day to allow the bar to come up with some new rules and methods of protection. Here’s a statement released by the Michigan licensing board:

A licensed establishment that allows alcohol-consuming patrons to throw potentially injurious and even deadly weapons posed significant concern … While the (Michigan Liquor Control Commission) does not regulate ax throwing or any other sport – and it is not contrary to the law for sporting activities to take place in liquor licensed establishments – once the results of the investigation showed that a significant threat to the public health existed at this establishment, the (Michigan Liquor Control Commission) ordered the hearing.

So yes, if you were wondering, axe-throwing bars (like the one we talked about back in April) can be considered “unsafe.” See some more information on this bar here.

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