Axe-Throwing Venue Wants To Serve Alcohol

By DAVID on April 17, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Axe-throwing is the newest hottest past-time sport. It’s called the “new bowling,” and venues to do just that – throw axes at targets – are opening up all over the country. It’s a sort of medieval, shooting-range style sport. There are competitions, people practice, and it’s probably even a business-meeting activity too.

So “let’s get drunk and throw some axes!” might not be exactly what you want to hear someone say, and it certainly doesn’t sound too safe, honestly. I mean, it’s an axe. The thing carries weight, momentum, and sometimes they bounce off the target. All things that bounce must go somewhere else, right? Well, the guy who wants to start serving alcohol at his new axe-throwing venue says it’s perfectly safe.

The first thing Merle McKenzie had to do was convince the city that axe-throwing is safe enough to be open to the general public. Once he had them convinced, he said his plan didn’t involve food or drink. Fast forward a month later, and he’s back in front of the city commission trying to get approval to serve alcohol – and convince them that it’s still safe. “The whole atmosphere is a very social thing and it lends itself very well to have a social drink or two,” he says. He says that when you’re throwing, you have to have an “axespert” with you, and added that axe-throwing is “safer than darts.” “Each lane is separated by walls and fencing. When you play darts anyone can walk in front of you while you’re throwing. This is a lot safer,” he said.

Well, he’s got us convinced, really. Seriously – that sounds fun, and just like drinking at a bowling alley, which involves heavy balls that can do some damage too, this really does sound safer. Yes, axes are a lot sharper than bowling balls, but we’re assuming that the targets are far enough away (and barricaded from other throwers) that we feel like it’s a pretty low-risk situation. Unless you forget to actually let go of the axe and bring it back into your leg or something, but that’s a different situation. Is axe-throwing something you’d be interested in, knowing you could have a drink or two? Check out more details on the story here.

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